Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a platforming videogame developed by Nintendo EAD and published for the Nintendo Wii. It was a critical and commercial success upon release, and it was initially one of the highest rated videogames of all time. 

Alien ShadowsEdit

Three alien-like figures appear in the background of Shiverburn Galaxy, up on top of a large canyon. The figures appear to be looking down the ridge towards the player, as if they are watching him. The player can see them much easier if he goes into 1st person view and looks up at the edge of the ridges above him.

A far-away view of the three figures.

These three figures are technically not 3-dimensional, as they are only a 2-D texture. Strangely, if the player investigates the game's internal files, he will find that the texture for the three figures is called "HellValleySkyTree", but players argue that they look nothing like trees or plants, for that matter. Furthermore, the figures can be seen quite easily, when they are contrasted against the blue sky behind them. The cliffs are pre-rendered, so the player is not able to fly up and get closer to them. 

Many players have theorized that these figures are aliens or some sort of other creatures looking down on the player as he navigated through the level. The figures have spawned numerous myths and urban legends related to the game. Nintendo has never explicitly stated what these figures were meant to be, but this didn't stop players from forming their own rumors about them.

Close-up of the figures.