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Mirror's Edge is a first-person action-adventure game developed by DICE in 2009. The game involves using parkour as a way of going from point A to point B in the story mode. 

The JanitorEdit

Ever since Mirror's Edge was released, there has been speculation regarding a minor character known as The Janitor. The Janitor is known to behave almost identically to the crazed Ratman from Valve's Portal series. The Janitor is known to scribble on walls, give slight directions and have an obsession with rats; in fact, he is known to own a pet albino rat named Scruffy. The Janitor is also known to have bad spelling and grammar, opening the possibility that he may have mental issues, or lack of education.

Known references/clues to The JanitorEdit

Prologue - The Edge Work in progress
Chapter 1 - Flight Work in progress

Chapter 2 - Jacknife

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Chapter 3 - Heat Work in progress
Chapter 4 - Ropeburn Work in progress
Chapter 5 - New Eden Work in progress

Chapter 6 - Pirandello Kruger

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Chapter 7 - The Boat Work in progress
Chapter 8 - Kate Work in progress
Chapter 9 - The Shard Work in progress

Strange PedestriansEdit

If the player exploits the game in any way (through glitches or mods) in order to bypass the game barrier and get to street level, he may come across a small group of pedestrians standing in a circle on the sidewalk. The pedestrians would have low-poly, low quality textures and they would be spinning in circles uncontrollably.

Because of their low-poly models, their faces appear very dark and ominous. Initially, this was thought to be an easter egg of some sort left in the game by developers, but it did not stop rumors spreading about them. Some players have even said that the pedestrians would break free from the circle and attempt to chase the player. Nevertheless, their dark complexions and somewhat strange appearance may be very unsettling to some players. It is now widely believed that this phenomenon is the result of a simple glitch.


The strange pedestrians.