Carnivores, is a first-person shooter videogame that involves hunting prehistoric animals. The game was released in 1998.

Myth 1: BigfootEdit

Bigfoot, is a proven myth in Carnivores and can be unlocked after 1000 points are atta
Bigfoot in carnivores
ined. It is extremely fast and is the most dangerous and toughest animal in the game.

Myth 2: Brachiosaurus/SeismosaurusEdit

Brachiosaurus/Seismosaurus, is a false myth in Carnivores, although Brachiosaurus exists in Carnivores 2. The myth is that if you achieve 10,000 points, you will unlock Brachiosaurus and Seismosaurus. Their only weakness is getting hit in the rear with a X-Bow, or their eye (seventeenth of the size of T-Rex eye). Brachiosaurus was planned to be in the game but it was dropped during the game's development.

Myth 3: Rocket LauncherEdit

Rocket Launcher, is a false myth in Carnivores. It was planned to be a bonus weapon in both Carnivores and Carnivores 2 but it was dropped during development, just like the Brachiosaurus.